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Video contributions

We invite members of our community to contribute short videos (5-20 minutes) to the AATRN YouTube channel!

The video can be on any topic related to applied topology, broadly interpreted. For example, it could be a “This is my research” video, giving a short introduction to your research themes. Or, it could be a tutorial video explaining a topic in applied topology. Likewise, it could be an expository video describing the work of others (be sure to acknowledge the work of others appropriately, including figures). Or, it could focus on your latest research/teaching/outreach project. We invite you to come up with new ideas! Videos in any language are welcome.

Q & A

How do I submit a video?

Please click on the "Video submission form" button above and fill out the form. You will be asked to provide your name, your email, your video title, your video abstract (a short description to include on YouTube under your video), and a link we can use to download your video (we describe one way to create such a link, using We Transfer, in the form).

Does my video get posted to YouTube automatically and can it get removed?

Not automatically, but you will hear back from us within a week. We will briefly check the video to ensure it is in-scope. Even after posting the video to YouTube, we reserve the right to remove it if necessary (math errors are not necessarily a reason for this — math errors can be addressed in the video’s description). You may request that we remove the video at any point in the future, as well.

What if I have a longer video in mind, or a series of videos in mind?

That’s great! We encourage you to contact us at ​​aatrn.director"at" to inquire — we’d quite likely be excited to host your videos on our YouTube channel.