Code of Conduct

The Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN) works to create a community in which all of its members are respected. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are among our core values. We consider diversity in the broadest terms, including nationality, gender, sexuality, age, race, disability, religious affiliation, economic status, and intersections thereof. We expect our members to maintain an environment of mutual respect; please contact us if you have suggestions for how AATRN can live up to these standards better. We hope that each person who keeps these values in mind feels that they have an opportunity to contribute to the AATRN community.


"The correct attribution of mathematical results is essential, both because it encourages creativity, by benefiting the creator whose career may depend on the recognition of the work and because it informs the community of when, where, and sometimes how original ideas entered into the chain of mathematical thought."

We ask that attendees, YouTube viewers, and speakers for AATRN seminars adhere to the Ethical Guidelines of the AMS, from where the previous sentence is quoted. See in particular Sections I and II. Results and ideas presented in AATRN seminars should be treated in a similar way to papers posted online to the arXiv.

Videos can be cited (especially when no accompanying paper is currently available) via the following sample bibtex entry:


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author = {Facundo M{\'e}moli},

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